Rejuvenating eye and lip contour cream, age 50+ NovAge Time Restore

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Cream for delicate skin around the eyes and lips with anti-aging technology GenisteinSOY and eyebright extract tightens the skin, reduces deep wrinkles around the eyes and lips, reduces puffiness and dark circles.

  • Sharpens the contours of the eyes (80% confirm).
  • Smoothes purse-string wrinkles around the lips (74% confirm).
  • Reduces dark circles.
  • Smoothes deep wrinkles around the eyes (80% confirm).
  • Reduces puffiness around the eyes.
  • Consumer testing of 80 women over 55 for six weeks.



The skin around the eyes is of a different structure, it is thinner and more delicate, which means that signs of aging appear on it earlier. This area requires special care from the age of 20-25. Eye creams have a special lighter texture and are better absorbed as a result. They contain a minimum of fragrances so as not to cause irritation. Apply eye cream in the morning to prevent wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and puffiness.

Apply the cream on cleansed skin around the eyes and along the contour of the upper lip in the morning and evening before using the serum and day / night cream. Apply the cream with the tip of your ring finger, gently hammering in the cream until completely absorbed. Avoid getting the cream in your eyes.
For maximum effectiveness in caring for mature skin, we recommend using the NovAge Time Restore complex care. Clinically proven to be 7% more effective in cleansing skin care than cleansing and day cream alone.


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