Cica NovAge ProCeuticals Niacinamide Biocellulose Face Mask

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Are you suffering from dull skin that doesn't look healthy? NovAge Proceuticals Niacinamide & Cica Bio-Cellulose formulations are designed to provide immediate and long-term soothing benefits to the skin by addressing multiple factors such as hydration and skin barrier quality. Friendly to your skin, a biocellulose mask ensures the right amount of serum, optimal skin contact and optimal performance for maximum pleasure.
Instantly repairs and revitalizes skin
A concentrated nourishing facial mask
Concentrated mask instantly soothes the skin

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If you have dull skin without a healthy look, NovAge Proceuticals Bio Cellulose Mask with Niacinamide and Cica will help you. This bio-cellulose mask is designed to instantly restore dehydrated, dull skin, leaving it firm and healthy from the first application. The skin-friendly mask helps to soothe the skin immediately and gradually, acting on many factors such as hydration and the quality of the skin's natural barrier, while the innovative formula ensures optimal serum loading, optimal skin contact, optimal effectiveness. and ultimate experience. With niacinamide to enhance skin radiance, natural cyca extracts and concentrated moisturizing ingredients. Refreshing feeling. Dermatologically tested and tested by consumers.


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