Toilet water Lucia

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The basis of the composition is decorated with lilac - the personification of purity and tranquility. Filled with light and charm, this fragrance creates an aura of harmony and tranquility.
Floral fruity green fragrance
Inspired by the Swedish holiday in honor of the patroness of the world - Saint Lucia
Bottle design featuring a shining morning star

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50 ml

The creator of Lucia - Cyril Rolland - specializes in laboratory development for the Mane brand and is engaged in the creation of new captive materials. However, he has signed several commercial orders from both mainstream and niche brands, including avant-garde Italian brand Blood Concept.

Cyril, who grew up in the south of France, has a passion for natural ingredients and is known for his extensive experience in developing a unique collection of natural fragrances. When creating Lucia eau de toilette, he wanted

“capture the elements surrounding the feast of Saint Lucia and the festival of light of the same name. A bouquet of white flowers was my starting point. For me, they capture the dawn and the promise of a new day full of expectations - like a bright beacon illuminating the darkness."

Top notes: ivy, orange blossom, lemon zest.
Heart notes: white lilac, jasmine flower, tuberose.
Base notes: Indian sandalwood, white peach, musk.


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