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Cleans any hard surface from any * dirt.

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Volume: 500 ml.

Concentrated universal detergent "Citrus Mix": the secrets of clean surfaces in one bottle!

Cleans any hard surface from any dirt.

The MULTI-CLEANING bio-formula easily removes * street and household dirt, dust and allergens, pet hair, grease and limescale from any hard washable surfaces.
The complex of biodegradable components of plant origin perfectly copes with various household pollution and grease, "collected" invisible residues of dust and animal hair.
An active water softening system enhances detergency and helps to cope with hard water on shiny metal surfaces.
Bioenzymes break down dried contaminants, facilitate the removal of complex fatty contaminants.
The natural composition of essential oils of orange, lemon, grape and bergamot gives bright armature, sweet citrus fruits and mood, has tonic and deodorant properties.
Dermatologically tested **, acid free, approved for use by people with sensitive skin
Recommended for cleaning floors, washable wallpaper and walls, kitchen surfaces, facades, refrigerators, microwave ovens, taps and sinks, tables, tiles, natural stone, for cleaning in places where animals are kept, living rooms and children's rooms.

* The dermatological safety of the washing powder marked "Excellent" for sensitive skin is confirmed by the certificate of the international scientific research Dermatest GmbH (Germany).

Shake the bottle several times before dosing.

Application in concentrated form: apply the product to a sponge (rag), clean the surface, rinse.

Application in a diluted form (for cleaning floors): dilute about 10-20 ml of the product with 5-10 liters of water. Rinse the floors. Repeated washing with clean water is not required.


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