Bioconditioner for linen, concentrated "Flower Mix" Home Gnome Greenly 0+

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Concentrated bioconditioner for linen "Flower Mix" - a positive charge for your favorite things!

The special RESTORATION bio-formula cares for, preserves and gives amazing softness to any natural and synthetic fabrics. Gives the natural aroma of a useful composition of essential oils. Recommended for the care of even the most capricious "breathable" sports materials.
The complex of components of natural origin perfectly softens water, removes the stiffness of fabrics after washing, removes static electricity.
An innovative organic polymer improves the absorbency of natural and synthetic fabrics and maintains the properties of all sports fabrics and membrane materials.
Special bioenzymes look after and restore tissue tissues, with regular use they remove and prevent the appearance of pellets, hairiness and fading, and renew colors.
Natural essential oils of rose, bergamot and sandalwood envelop you with tenderness, warmth and uplifting, with pronounced soothing and relaxing properties.
Dermatologically tested *, recommended for washing clothes of people with sensitive skin and 0+ baby clothes.
Recommended for washing all fabrics. Unlike conventional conditioners, Home Gnome Greenly bioconditioners are approved for washing special synthetic sports materials, including membrane and breathable fabrics.
Masterbatch - more than 30 washings in one bottle.
Expiration date: 24 months from the production date stated on the package.


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