Concentrated wash gel for special fabrics 0+

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Machine wash: 25-35

Hand wash: 20 ml for 5 liters of water

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Volume: 500 ml.

Concentrated washing gel is recommended for wool, cashmere, fine knitwear, silk, satin, mixed and membrane fabrics, lace, underwear, stockings, tights, products with appliques and prints, fleece, microfiber, down jackets, sportswear, thermal underwear, fabrics with impregnations.

A special caring formula designed for effective and gentle washing of delicate, functional and other special fabrics.

An innovative component for restoring fibers and dyes, facilitates the removal of dirt, maintains the functional properties of special materials (breathable, with impregnations, thermal coating).

Recommended for regular refreshing washing, as well as for cleaning insulated and sportswear after seasonal use.
The active formula removes large, tough and difficult blemishes.
Protects the appearance of hairiness and fluff.
Retains the functional properties of modern sports materials.
Refreshes colors.
Effective without soaking at a temperature of 20 ℃.
Retains fabrics and prints.
Prevents deformation (stretching) of clothes during washing.
Rinses out completely.
Leaves no marks or streaks.
Dermatologically approved.
Gentle to the skin of the hands.
Gives things a delicate aroma and long-lasting freshness.
Economical consumption: 0.5 l of concentrated gel = 3 kg of regular washing powder.
Suitable for washing pet clothes.
Recommended for washing baby clothes 0+.
Chlorine and phosphate free.
Expiration date: 24 months from the production date stated on the package.

Halal certificate

Machine wash: 25-35 ml.
Hand wash: 20 ml for 5 liters of water.
Environmentally friendly composition:

Non-surfactant based on coconut oil - active wetting and removal of common impurities.
Biodegradable non-ionic detergent component (mixture of ethoxylated fatty alcohols) - effective stain removal in hard water.
Sodium salt of fatty acid methyl sulfonate based on coconut oil - enhances the quality of washing and prevents re-deposition of dirt on the fibers.
Soaps based on vegetable oils - active removal of grease and oil stains.
Propylene glycol is a natural enzyme stabilizer.
Organic acid (etidronic acid) - binds hardness salt, effectively softens water.
Patented protective polymer - facilitates the removal of complex contaminants associated with modern materials, maintains their functional properties.
Natural enzymes (enzymes) - special natural proteins for enhanced removal of difficult stains.
Polymer (inhibitor) - an organic substance that prevents the deposition of hardness salts on the tissue.
Composition of aromatic substances (fragrance) - a complex of substances that impart a delicate floral-woody aroma.
A preservative is a component that prevents the development of harmful microorganisms during storage.


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