Home Gnome Greenly concentrated laundry detergent for colored fabrics

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Concentrated bio-detergent for colored fabrics Home Gnome Greenly is specially designed for effective washing in hard water. Only 30 mg per wash!

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Weight: 800 gr.

Home Gnome Greenly concentrated bio-detergent for colored fabrics is specially designed for effective washing in hard water.

Color protection system brightness and color saturation of your favorite items.

The special biomineral formula of the washing powder is created for effective washing even in the harshest water.

Complex conditions and technology CEO Lite offers conditions for high-quality washing of mineral contaminants at any temperature, any temperature, in water of any hardness.

An active water softening system allows you to remove stains, as well as make fabrics pleasantly soft, even without special softeners. Bio-powder effectively utilizes your washing machine from known deposits and limescale and is recommended for use in conditions of increased hardness of tap water.

The multicomplex of bioenzymes removes common types of stains and perfectly copes with stubborn food and physiological contaminants on linen and children's clothes.

Impeccable purity and bright saturated colors!

Effective removal of difficult dirt, even in hard water.
Excellent softening and restoration of fabric fibers.
Special color protection system.
Preserves the vibrancy of fabrics and prints.
Preventing shedding.
Protection of the washing machine against limescale and known deposits. Icon 2
For washing clothes of the whole family.
Recommended for use by people with asthma and allergies *.
Dermatologically approved **.
Eco-bag inside the package.
Super economical - from 30 g per wash.

The product meets the Royal quality standard! The manufacturer of washing powder, Senzora bv has an official predicate of the Royal Dutch Court. The credibility and professional competence of the company is recognized and confirmed.

A product designed with health in mind. Asthma and allergies are problems that are increasingly faced by people around the world. The mark of the European Association Asthma Allergy Nordic confirms that the product has passed a strict expert committee for the formulation as a whole and for each component of the powder separately.

Dermatological safety of washing powder is tested and confirmed by the certificate of the international research institute Dermatest GmbH (Germany).

Expiration date: 36 months from the production date stated on the package.

Composition: 15-30%: sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, 5-15% zeolites, benzosulfonic acid derivatives, 5%: fatty ethoxylated alcohols, polycarboxylates, cellulose-based antiresorbent, multicomplex of enzymes (protease, amylase, mannanase, pectate lyase) ), dye transfer inhibitor, etidronic acid salt, polyester.

Measuring eco-tray inside the package. Before use, push the sides down to cotton.


Light dirt 30 g / g

Medium soiling 40 g / g

Heavy dirt 60 g / g

Hand wash (for 10 l of water / 10 l of water)
20g / g
30g / g
40g / g


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