Concentrated washing powder universal Alpine meadows

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It is consumed 3.5 times more economically than usual powder: one spoon is enough for washing!

The new laundry detergent will deal with stains with professional precision and restore the original cleanliness of light-colored fabrics.

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Weight: 800 gr.

There is no longer any need to carry things to dry cleaning! The new laundry detergent will deal with stains with professional precision and return to light-colored fabrics.

Concentrated laundry detergent universal "Alpine Meadows" was developed jointly with the German company Rohm & Werner *, taking into account innovations in the field of professional detergents.

Eco-friendly formula with oxygen bleach - to eliminate grayness and yellowness without damaging the tissues.
It treats fabrics with care, preserves their color and shape of clothing.
The anti-stain formula combines the power of a multi-complex of natural enzymes for better stain removal, high-performance detergents, oxygen bleach and wash boosters.
Eliminates extensive stains even at low wash temperatures.
Gives things the scent of spring freshness and flowering meadow grasses.
It is consumed 3.5 times more economically than usual powder: one spoon is enough for washing! 800 g of Faberlic Dom concentrated laundry detergent = 3 kg of regular detergent powder.
Dust-free granular texture - for the comfort of people prone to allergies to conventional products.
Safe for sensitive skin, dermatologically tested. Dermatological safety is confirmed by certificates of the international research institute Dermatest GmbH (Germany).
Suitable for washing children's clothes.
Rinses out perfectly even on dark fabrics. No additional rinsing required.
Protects the washing machine from limescale deposits.
Biodegradable formula. Biodiversity products are harmless to water bodies, groundwater and the ecosystem as a whole.
Chlorine and phosphate free.
* Rohm & Werner specializes in the production of professional, highly effective concentrated products that meet the principles of sustainable development and human and environmental safety accepted in the European market. Rohm und Werner GmbH is a member of the AISE International Association for Detergents and Cleaning Products, uniting responsible manufacturers, consumer and environmentally conscious manufacturing principles (Charter 2020+).

Expiration date: 36 months from the production date stated on the package.

Ingredients: 30% or more sodium carbonate, 15-30% oxygen-based bleach, 5-15% sodium silicate, less than 5%: sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, benzosulfonic acid derivatives, nonionic surfactants, bleach activator, alkyl sulfate based on seed oil oil palm, polycarboxylates, enzyme complex (protease, amylase, mannanase, lipase), PEG-7 lauryl ether based on coconut oil, cellulose based antiresorbent, etidronic acid salt, optical brightener, perfume.

Environmentally friendly powder composition:

mineral and silicon salt (sodium carbonate and sodium silicate) bind hardness salt, soften water;
a mineral compound with an oxygen form (percarbonate - an oxygen-based bleach) removes various stains, whitens, eliminates yellowness, has a disinfecting effect;
biodegradable cleaning agent based on oil from oil palm seeds (alkyl sulfate) removes stains, effective against fats and oils;
biodegradable detergent component based on coconut oil (PEG-7 lauryl ether) actively removes common pollution;
natural enzymes (enzyme complex) - a synergistic complex of prote, amylase, mannanase and lipase for enhanced removal of stains of various nature;
a complex of biodegradable non-ionic detergents (NSAS) has an active wetting effect, removes general pollution and facilitates their rinsing out of fabrics;
a biodegradable detergent component (derivatives of benzosulfonic acid) actively removes dirt, is highly effective against grease stains;
an organic amine (bleach activator) activates the action of oxygen bleach at low wash temperatures;
organic polymers (polycarboxylates) prevent the transfer of dyes and the re-deposition of dirt, protect fabrics from wishes and dullness;
organic salt (salt of etidronic acid) prevents corrosion of metal elements;
patented optical additive (optical brightener) gives fabrics special brightness and whiteness;
organic citric acid salt (sodium citrate) binds hardness salt, softens water;
acidic mineral salt (sodium bicarbonate).
organic salt, a derivative of cellose (antiresorbent) - protective and high-quality fabrics that protect against graying;
the composition of fragrant substances "Clean label" (fragrance) gives a light fresh aroma.
Suitable for automatic washing machines and hand washing.

Temperature: 30 - 90 ℃.

Medium pollution / medium water hardness 40 g = 1 spoon
Heavy dirt / hard water 60 g = 1.5 spoons


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