Tuna Fishing Cyprus

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Sea trophy fishing on a motor yacht 38 Ft.

We go fishing from Limassol ST RAPHAEL MARINA!
We can take on board a boat no more than 4 people.

Fishing time:

  • for tuna departure from St Raphael Marina Limassol 4:30 am
  • for deep sea fishing yacht departure from St Raphael Marina Limassol at 7:00 - 8:00 am

CALL:+357 99 21 23 69

Tuna fishing is only available during the season: June - August. Book your yacht in advance. During the active tuna fishing season in Cyprus, the yacht is booked a week in advance.

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Deep sea fishing in Cyprus from the professionals.

We do deep sea fishing all year round and almost never return without a catch. We fish far from the coast in the so-called "banks" with a depth of about 1000 meters.

One of the most popular types of sea fishing in Cyprus is undoubtedly deep sea fishing for redfin perch.

We catch this fish of impressive size, weighing about 30 kilograms. As a rule, our catch includes: red-finned sea bass, sea cock, bream and other sea predators.

The essence of deep-sea fishing off the coast of Cyprus is as follows: the captain's map shows previously explored places of fish accumulation at a depth of 200 - 1000 meters. Early in the morning at dawn, as a rule, at 4 am we go out to sea and about 1.5 - 2.5 hours at full speed the boat goes to the fishing spot. Further, from a drifting boat, we throw gear to different depths, 200m, 500m and deeper. The very process of casting and lifting gear is carried out using electric Japanese reels of Shimano 3000 or 9000 multipliers (depending on the depth we need).

For deep sea fishing in Cyprus we use special tackle:

  • electric Japanese reel with smart filling;
  • braided rope 1200 meters long;
  • powerful rod for fish up to 200 kilograms;
  • deep-sea flashing light;
  • as well as a weight of 2 kg and a garland with 20 hooks.

Mostly fish are caught for squid meat, but depending on the season we use other baits, including freshly peeled king prawns.

Catch - sea bass, grouper, hake, deep sea shark (safe), and other fish species.

Our fishing tackle allows you to fish up to 45 kilograms. We dine at sea, preparing the caught fish on the stove or grill. You can also take your catch with you or order the caught fish to be cooked at a local restaurant.

The cost of deep sea fishing off the coast of Cyprus is 600 euros.

Included in the price:

  • fishing license for all passengers,
  • complete professional equipment for deep sea fishing,
  • the catch is grilled in the sea
  • cold drinks

The maximum number of passengers on board is 4 people.
Passengers under 18 years old are not allowed on board.

No alcohol on board!

Sea trophy fishing for tuna off the coast of Cyprus, from professionals.

Trophy fishing in Cyprus leaves a storm of emotions behind. And Cyprus itself is one of the few places where you can not only mentally fish, but also enjoy the catch.

On the island of Cyprus, there are now a huge number of companies that organize sea tuna hunting, however, really fishing - it can hardly be called.

The ship gathers from 6 to 12 people (which is not very appropriate, since a large number of people will only create fuss on the deck, and distract not only each other, but also the captain from his main mission). For the most part, such fishing is limited to a regular walk away from the coast, with several stops for swimming, and bottom fishing. Needless to say, in this mode it is quite difficult and even impossible to find trophy fish.

We offer you a completely different level of fishing! Namely trophy. Trophy trolling for tuna in Cyprus is significantly different from regular fishing. As a rule, this is a kind of competition, the task of which is to get your prize, namely to catch a trophy tuna.

Trophy fishing organizers usually target giant fish. And in order not only to catch this very fish, but also not to miss it in the future, a whole strategy is being developed.

We organize professional fishing. We have an individual approach to each client. We treat the organizational process with great responsibility so that your stay is as comfortable as possible. For every fishing we develop a new fishing strategy. We will definitely take into account the peculiarities of the season and the weather conditions in which this very fishing will take place. Our yacht is already equipped with everything you need for professional tuna hunting. You just have to enjoy the process, because we will do the rest for you.

The cost of fishing for tuna off the coast of Cyprus is 1,200 euros.

Included in the price:

  • fishing license for all passengers,
  • complete professional tuna trolling equipment,
  • breakfast at sea
  • cold drinks

The maximum number of passengers on board is 4 people.
Passengers under 18 years of age are not allowed on board.
No alcohol on board!



We urgently need to go there, or rather fly, good fishing is guaranteed.
Fishing for tuna is very entertaining, I was already on fire to hit the road there again, and the price is adequate.
Ich habe viel über das wunderbare Fischen in Zypern gehört, von dem niemand ohne Fang zurückkehrt. Ich habe es selbst überprüft. Tolles Angeln!
Юрий Поклонский
Рыбалка это моё ВСЁ. без неё и жизнь не мила)) Жена ругается, мол тебе нужно было Нептуном родиться. Перепробовал разные методы и все способы, но те впечатления, которые я получил на ловле тунца, это НЕЧТО. Фирма предоставила катер с полным фаршем для рыбалки. Да это удовольствие стоит 600$. Но извините меня на Кипре, да ещё элитная рыбка. Японцы знаю толк, это их любимое блюдо, ТУНЕЦ. И живут они около 90 лет. В общем всем любителям и ценителям прекрасных, незабываемых ощущений рекомендую.
Jamoliddin Madaliyev
Я хочу благодарит очень большой спасибо за то что мы друзьями планировали отдых на море. По совету друга, мы поехали отдыхать на Кипр. Мы на 640 евро арендовали яхту. Вы можете сказать что это дороговато но неё ходить капитан который знает где рыба и он 4 часов будет обслуживать вас. Мы от Кипра приехали большими впечатлениями и снова хотим вернуться туда .