Complex anti-aging care for age 50+ NovAge Time Restore

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Complex anti-aging care for age 50+ NovAge Time Restore

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Introducing the next generation of mature skin care. A new series with GenisteinSOY anti-aging technology and Plantago Lanceolata stem cell extract restores firmness and elasticity to the skin, restores clear facial contours, smoothes deep wrinkles and reduces age spots. Clinically proven to use NovAge Time Restore skin care is 7 times more effective than using individual products in the series *.

The set includes:

Cleansing gel-toner (150 ml / code 33984).
Rejuvenating eye and lip contour cream (15 ml / code 32629).
Rejuvenating serum for face and neck (30 ml / code 32630).
Rejuvenating day cream SPF 15 (50 ml / code 32627).
Rejuvenating night cream (50 ml / code 32628).
Real beauty does not mean impeccability in everything. This is a feeling of confidence in yourself and your skin at any age. The NovAge Time Restore series allows you to meet life changes fully armed. Your mature skin can look as young as you feel.

The innovative anti-aging technology GenisteinSOY and the plant stem cell extract Plantago Lanceolata intensively nourish and moisturize the skin, making it more elastic. Facial contours become clearer, deep wrinkles and age spots are less pronounced. The NovAge Time Restore series gives mature skin everything it needs to look younger.

NovAge Time Restore 4-step complex skin care system is built in such a way that each step perfectly complements the previous one, specially developed formulas reinforce each other's effectiveness. Clinically proven skincare is seven times more effective than cleanser and day cream alone *.


Start your complex care with the NovAge Cleansing Gel-Toner (33984): it gently cleanses the skin of impurities and make-up, does not violate its protective barrier, moisturizes and tones, prepares for the subsequent application of serum and cream, improving absorption. Now one simple step is all it takes to cleanse and tone your skin!


The rejuvenating eye and lip contour cream NovAge Time Restore (32629) is designed for the care of the skin around the eyes and lips. Deep wrinkles are smoothed out, skin is tightened and contours are sharpened.


The rejuvenating serum for face and neck NovAge Time Restore (32630) provides intense hydration, improves skin tone and radiance, and enhances the effect of day and night creams.


Rejuvenating day cream SPF 15 NovAge Time Restore (32627) protects the skin from the negative effects of rays during the day. The rejuvenating night cream NovAge Time Restore (32628) nourishes the skin at the cellular level while you sleep.


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