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Oriflame - For over 50 years, it has helped people around the world to discover their true beauty and make their dreams come true.
We offer high-quality, safe, trend-setting products for skin care, hair care, decorative cosmetics, and a wide range of perfumes. Norrsken by Oriflame is a combination of impeccable elegance and trendy trends.

Faberlic is a manufacturer of unique patented oxygen cosmetics that deliver oxygen to the deep layers of the skin. The assortment also includes the whole range of skin and hair care products, decorative cosmetics, household products, eco-friendly biological products, health products, lingerie and tights, fashionable clothes and footwear.



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Побалуй свои руки роскошной питательной маской, которая делает кожу рук и кутикулу мягкой и эластичной.

Giordani Gold Anti-Aging Makeup Elixir Base
Save 10%
22.00 19.80

Use to create a base for make-up or add radiance to the skin.

OXICARBOXY set. Carboxytherapy at home
Save 17%
9.89 8.25

OXICARBOXY set: forget about going to salons and expensive procedures, use a set for carboxytherapy and get a wow-effect without leaving your home or give beauty to a friend!

The kit (designed for two uses) includes:

Moisturizing balm (STEP 1), 15 ml.
Activator gel CO₂ (STEP 2), 15 ml.
Oxygen mask (STEP 3), 15 ml.

Save 18%
15.00 12.32

Flexible disc "Involver" AQUAmagic Ultra is convenient for cleaning inaccessible places. Suitable for removing stubborn stains and grease.

Save 18%
15.00 12.32
Out of stock

Dimensions: 40 x 30 cm

Can cleaning be easy, fast and safe? Yes, if the universal AQUAmagic Ujut napkin is in use. Just a few minutes and all surfaces of the house delight with perfect cleanliness. The ultra-fine split microfiber cloth is effective both dry and wet. Use it to remove dirt from any, even delicate, surfaces.

Limited edition! The cleaning hit is now in stylish pastel shades.

Save 3%
100.00 97.00

A versatile mop for eco-friendly cleaning of your home. Flexible and durable, it will easily remove any dirt without chemicals.

Save 10%
18.00 16.28

Biotrim MYSTIC - crystal purity with care for nature. Eco powder for the dishwasher BioTrim MYSTIK ECO DISHWASHER POWDER effectively removes complex dirt, gives shine and shine to your dishes and appliances, without leaving streaks. The product does not contain phosphates, chlorine and bleaches, is biodegradable and completely washable with water, which means it is safe for humans and the environment. Suitable for all types of dishwashers, protects against limescale formation.

Save 16%
3.00 2.53

BioTrim Eco Laundry Soap is a series of natural products for hand washing.

BioTrim eco-friendly laundry soap is made from natural vegetable oils. Thanks to its balanced composition, the soap handles stubborn dirt even when used in cold water.

BioTrim Mystik Multi Purpose Cleansing Powder
Save 22%
9.00 7.04
Out of stock

This powder will replace almost all chemicals in your home! just add water!

BioTrim Mystik Universal Cleansing Paste
Save 22%
9.00 7.04
Out of stock

Will help brilliant results in the kitchen and bathroom, great for tiles, stainless steel, porcelain. The components of the paste are completely biodegradable and non-toxic

Washing glove
Save 7%
7.00 6.50

glove for washing and removing make-up, reusable

Eclat Homme Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray
Save 56%
15.00 6.60

Provides effective protection against unpleasant odors and controls perspiration. • Gives the skin an exquisite aroma of Eclat Homme eau de toilette

Flamboyant toilet water
Save 11%
42.00 37.40
Out of stock

Juicy citrus will show the way to the road of discovery, spicy shades will ignite sparks of pleasure, and a cedar-musky trail will make you come back again and again.

75 ml

Eclat Homme toilet water
Save 19%
42.05 34.10
Out of stock

with an accord of citron and expensive leather

75 ml

Buy revitalizing face capsules
Save 67%
60.00 19.80

Deeply nourish, repair and protect tired and dull skin, restoring a healthy glow

30 capsules

Eau de Toilette Loved up Feel Good
Save 58%
26.45 11.00
Aroma type: floral, oriental, fruity, spicy Top notes: plum, cardamom, bergamot, pink pepper Heart notes: black pepper, rose, heliotrope, jasmine Base notes: sandalwood, musk, cedar 50 ml
Eau de parfum Infinita
Save 23%
48.10 37.00

Aroma type: floral, fruity, woody;

Top notes: tangerine, pink pepper, kumquat;

Heart notes: jasmine grandiflorum, freesia, neroli;

Base notes: amber, cashmere wood, vanilla.

50 ml

Eau de parfum Amber Elixir Crystal
Save 45%
42.00 23.10

an oriental floral scent, where a unique marine accord, inspired by Baltic amber, smoothly turns into a delicate bouquet of nigella flowers and a refined trail of cane sugar

50 ml

Giordani Gold Essenza Blossom perfume
Save 18%
69.70 57.20

Top notes: pear, tangerine, jasmine.

Heart notes: Celebratissima camellia, Essenza® orange blossom, Tahitian ylang-ylang.

Base notes: vanilla, ambroxan, musk.


50 ml

Milk & Honey Gold shower cream
Save 47%
9.35 4.95

Moisturizing formula with organic milk and honey extracts gently cleanses and softens the skin.

Beautanicals Moisturizing Hand Cream
Save 54%
10.85 4.95

A rich hand cream that moisturizes and regenerates skin.

  • 95% consists of natural ingredients;
  • Contains 8 minerals useful for skin and hair: magnesium and copper make the skin elastic, zinc protects it from aging, and silicon dioxide heals;
  • Honeysuckle extract tones and moisturizes the skin;
  • Certified by the Vegan Society - which means it does not contain ingredients of animal origin;
  • Formulated without parabens and silicones;

50 ml

Possess The Secret Man Eau de Parfum
Save 67%
60.10 19.80


ICE accord, sage, oak


75 ml

55.00 49.50

50 мл

245.00 154.00

Complex anti-aging care for age 50+ NovAge Time Restore

50.00 42.90

50 мл

224.00 188.10

Complex lifting care after 40+

194.00 154.00

Comprehensive anti-wrinkle care after 30 years

163.00 134.20

complex facial skin care from the age of 20 +