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Oriflame - For over 50 years, it has helped people around the world to discover their true beauty and make their dreams come true.
We offer high-quality, safe, trend-setting products for skin care, hair care, decorative cosmetics, and a wide range of perfumes. Norrsken by Oriflame is a combination of impeccable elegance and trendy trends.

Faberlic is a manufacturer of unique patented oxygen cosmetics that deliver oxygen to the deep layers of the skin. The assortment also includes the whole range of skin and hair care products, decorative cosmetics, household products, eco-friendly biological products, health products, lingerie and tights, fashionable clothes and footwear.



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Milk for removing makeup "Cornflower & Pomegranate"
Save 41%
4.84 2.85

removes cosmetics and cleanses the skin of impurities, while nourishing and softening it.

Click&Go Sculpting Mascara
Save 35%
17.05 11.00

Fiber brush for a styling effect.
Expressive volume.
Precise division.
Outrageous length.
Graceful curve.

Gel "Transformer" for the face
Save 20%
22.00 17.60

Gives skin freshness and comfort throughout the day.
Provides ultra-hydration.
Has a light texture.

Global Oxygen Oxygen Balm
Save 27%
24.20 17.60

Instantly hydrates and locks in moisture for 72 hours*.
Activates all biological processes in the skin.
Accelerates its self-renewal and starts detoxification.
Restores the protective barrier and eliminates discomfort.
Fills with life and protects from the negative effects of the environment.
Result: skin is firmer, softer and more radiant.

Face mask oxygen foaming Global Oxygen
Save 29%
15.40 11.00

Instantly eliminates signs of fatigue and oily sheen.
Mattifies the skin.
Saturates the skin with oxygen.
Provides deep cleansing.

iSeul hydrogel patches for the skin around the eyes
Save 24%
36.85 28.03

Effectively moisturize the skin.
Smoothes small mimic wrinkles.
Remove puffiness and prevent the appearance of age-related changes in the skin of the eyelids.
Use on any area of the skin: forehead, nasolabial folds, lips.

Keep your little one's teeth safe with this toothbrush designed especially for kids! Effectively cleans teeth...
Dream Therapy aromatic toothpaste
Save 25%
5.83 4.40

Dream Therapy aromatic toothpaste with melatonin is ideal for evening care of teeth and oral cavity.

Prophylactic oxygen toothpaste "Cedar Gum"
Save 28%
3.63 2.63

With a triple action:

Caries protection. Freshness of breath. Gum care.

Prebiotic Oral Spray Gel
Save 31%
7.15 4.90

Gives long-lasting freshness to breath.
Provides hydration to mucous membranes.
The formula of the product contains the prebiotic inulin, which effectively contributes to the improvement of the oral microflora.

Oxygen prophylactic mouth rinse "Medicinal herbs"
Save 25%
5.28 3.95

has a firming, tonic and anti-inflammatory effect. Provides preventive protection against caries and freshens breath for a long time.

Intimate hygiene gel for sensitive skin
Save 25%
7.15 5.38

relieves the feeling of discomfort, moisturizes and protects delicate skin, and a light aroma gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness for the whole day!

Cream for the contour of eyes and lips "Wrinkle correction" ONE WEEK MIRACLE
Save 21%
28.00 22.00

Wrinkle Correction Eye & Lip Contour Cream launches a "youth regime" to firm the most wrinkle-prone skin around the eyes and lips, delivering visible results in as little as 7 days*

Mask for face, neck and decollete "Ultralifting" ONE WEEK MIRACLE
Save 24%
36.85 28.05

Mask for the face, neck and décolleté "Ultralifting" starts the "youth mode", modeling the oval of the face and the area of the neck and décolleté. Reduces wrinkles and firms delicate skin for visible results in 7 days*


Night cream for the face "Lifting and recovery" starts the "youth mode", accelerating the processes of skin restoration that occur during sleep. Promotes lifting and smoothing wrinkles, providing a noticeable result after 7 days.


Day cream "Rejuvenation and protection" SPF 15 has a unique new formula to combat skin aging, starts the "youth mode" in the cells and provides a noticeable result after 7 days***. Protects the skin from damaging effects of solar radiation.

Giordani Gold Anti-Aging Makeup Elixir Base
Save 56%
20.00 8.80

Use to create a base for make-up or add radiance to the skin.

Long-lasting eyeliner. Different colours
Save 19%
8.80 7.14

Color palette - from classic black to trendy red-pink.
Felt applicator - for creating a perfect thin line without the slightest effort.

Stylo The ONE STHLM waterproof eyeliner
Save 20%
11.00 8.80

Incredible accuracy and impressive all-day duration.

Giordani Gold Iconic Double Ended Eyebrow Pencil
Save 16%
16.94 14.30

Triangular shaped stylus with creamy formula to shape brows and soft cushion applicator with mineral-rich powder texture

Eyebrow pencil OnColour
Save 6%
7.00 6.60

A long-wearing pencil with a comfortable, velvety formula

THE ONE High Impact Eyeliner
Save 13%
8.80 7.70

● Has an ultra-creamy texture

● Self-sharpening - just unscrew the rod

● Color does not fade

● Does not smudge

THE ONE Wonder Liner
Save 45%
11.00 6.05

- Waterproof formula;

- Persistence for 24 hours *;

- Intense black color;

OnColour Liquid Eyeliner
Save 17%
7.98 6.60

- Provides deep color and clear lines;

- Semi-flexible felt tip allows you to create lines of different thicknesses;

- Comfortable and easy to apply thanks to the sliding formula.

THE ONE Color Unlimited Ultra Fix Super Long Lasting Matte Lipstick
Save 12%
15.00 13.20

does not imprint and remains only on your lips

Губная помада с эффектом сияния The ONE Power Shine HD
Save 41%
15.00 8.80

сверкающие микрочастицы делают губы визуально объемнее, легкая скользящая текстура и ультраувлажняющая формула дарят комфорт на весь день.

The ONE Color Unlimited Long Lasting Eyeshadow Pencil
Save 4%
16.00 15.40

Provides 24 hours of wear without smudging, smudging or smudging

THE ONE Color Unlimited Long Lasting Eye Shadow Pencil
Save 58%
13.25 5.50

Creamy formula is easy to use and lasts all day

Lolly lips gloss
Save 57%
7.00 3.00

bright glossy finish, caring complex

OnColour Eyeshadow Palette
Save 43%
17.25 9.90

- Contains two matte powder brow shades and six shades of eyeshadow with a slight shimmer;

- Provides long-lasting rich color.

OnColour Eyeshadow Palette
Save 43%
17.25 9.90

- Contains two matte powder brow shades and six shades of eyeshadow with a slight shimmer;

- Provides long-lasting rich color.

Renewing face peeling NovAge
Save 50%
17.60 8.80

Peeling for gentle yet effective skin renewal. Visibly improves texture, smoothes wrinkles and gives the face a youthful, radiant look.

Clinically proven: cell regeneration is improved by 16% *;
Instantly improves complexion - 93% confirm **;
Gently exfoliates skin - 97% confirm **.

Too Glam Lip Gloss
Save 19%
8.80 7.15

Glossy gloss visually increases the volume of the lips.
Comfortable, non-sticky formula with vanilla caramel aroma.
The active ingredients are vitamin F and vitamin E.
The special applicator will help to apply the gloss perfectly evenly.
Can be used alone or over your favorite lipstick shades to add a shine to your lips.

Contour palette THE ONE
Save 10%
22.00 19.80

● Shades are easily layered and shaded;

● Suitable for long-lasting makeup;

● Smoothes the skin and makes imperfections less visible.

5.50 2.75

  • Moisturizes dry and rough skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
    Protects and nourishes.
    Suitable for lips, hands, elbows and feet.
Special emollient with blueberry oil
Save 50%
5.50 2.75

Moisturizes dry and rough skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Protects and nourishes. Suitable for lips, hands, elbows and feet.

11.00 6.60

Oriflame's first and only sulfate-free shampoo
Gentle hair cleansing
Caring ingredients prevent dry hair
Free of parabens and silicones
Lightweight, compact format

5.39 3.00

Quickly softens beard and facial skin for a 100% soft touch!
Effectively fights itching and flaking of the skin.

NEW Glam Chic Glam Team False Effect Mascara
Save 20%
11.00 8.80

Intense black color.
A special blend of waxes allows for layering of mascara for volume control and a false lash effect.
Maneuverable tilt brush for convenient application of mascara.
Smart texture * envelops every lash like black gloves that fit perfectly.

Toothpaste "First tooth" with aloe vera
Save 39%
5.40 3.30

Has a mild cleaning formula, does not damage the enamel.
Aloe Vera extract helps protect the gums from inflammation.
Safe if swallowed.
Does not contain fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate.

Home Gnome Greenly Concentrated Bio-Powder Laundry Detergent for White and Light Fabrics
Save 45%
15.95 8.80

Effective removal of difficult dirt, even in hard water.
Excellent softening and restoration of fabric fibers.
Balanced whitening system.
Elimination of grayness and yellowness.
Protection of the washing machine against limescale and limescale.
Contains active oxygen - a component that helps to eliminate bacteria (the maximum effect is achieved when washing from 60 ° C).
For washing clothes of the whole family.
Recommended for use by people prone to asthma and allergies

Glam Outfit Eyebrow Mascara,
Save 33%
7.70 5.17

Precise brush for expressive brows.
The creamy texture makes the brows look fuller and more defined.
Fills in the brow and hides unevenness.
A universal palette of shades will suit any type of appearance.

Makeup palette THE ONE
Save 14%
28.00 24.00

4 shades of eyeshadow, blush and highlighter with the most delicate powdery-creamy texture in a convenient case for an absolutely cosmic make-up. Shine!

Everyday Moisturizing Foundation
Save 10%
11.00 9.90

Finding your tone is now so easy: 9 options - for any skin tone!
Lightweight coating with a natural finish.
The Aquarich complex deeply moisturizes the skin.
Hyaluronic acid promotes cell regeneration.
SPF 15.
For all skin types.


Thoroughly cleans the oral cavity.
Forms a protective layer on the enamel, which protects teeth from the effects of acids and bacteria.
Does not contain SLS / SLES and parabens.
97% of the ingredients in the composition are of natural origin.

Тональное средство с сиянием Glamn'n Glow
Save 17%
15.95 13.20

The tonal base, as if illuminates the skin from the inside, evening out its tone and microrelief.
Improves elasticity, combats hyperpigmentation and premature aging of the skin.
Masks imperfections.
The formula is enriched with the new generation active ingredient Skin Moon®.
Light to medium simulated coverage.
SPF 25.

Eyebrow pencil ultra-thin Glam Outfit
Save 20%
11.00 8.80

Eyebrows become brighter and more expressive.
Thin, durable lead does not require sharpening.
Allows you to accurately draw individual hairs.
Fills the volume.

Anti-stress serum
Save 15%
25.85 22.00

instantly removes signs of fatigue, restores a healthy complexion and leaves the skin glowing

Oxygen Breathing Absorbent Facial Toner
Save 8%
5.39 4.95

Mattifies and tones the skin.
Shrinks pores.
Removes excess fat.
Moisturizes the skin.


A light fluid cream with organic tea tree essential oil and organic lime extract, gently moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily sheen, mattifies and regulates sebum production.

Love Nature Organic Tea Tree Lime Pore Tightening Facial Toner
Save 20%
11.00 8.80

Reduces breakouts due to salicylic acid in the composition;
Dermatologically tested;
Paraben free;
Has a floral citrus aroma;
Recommended for oily skin.

19.80 16.50



1. Love Nature Organic Tea Tree Lime Pore Tightening Facial Toner

2. Love Nature Organic Tea Tree & Lime Mattifying Fluid Face Cream

Special emollient with rose oil
Save 60%
5.50 2.20

Repairs, nourishes, moisturizes and protects dry skin of lips, eyelids, hands, elbows and feet

Love Nature Organic Berries Renewing Face Scrub
Save 47%
18.54 9.90

  • Cleanses the skin, removes dead cells
    Revitalizes the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant
    Contains natural berry extracts
    Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types
    Biodegradable formula
8.00 6.60

intensely moisturizes the skin and protects against dryness, gives hands and nails a well-groomed look

25.15 16.50



1. Protective hand cream SoftCaress

2. Revitalizing face scrub with organic berries Love Nature

3. Special emollient with rose oil

33.55 27.50

A magical scattering of shining particles and an elegant trail of your favorite perfume

Direction of aroma: crystal, sparkling green-floral scent

Olfactory pyramid:

Top notes: sparkling bergamot, grapefruit, spring freshness accord. Heart notes: pearl peony, rose petals, gentiana, four-leaf clover, water lily Trail: white musk, sandalwood, white cedar

Basic notes: pearl peony, gentiana, four-leaf clover

Acne Spot Gel Pure Skin
Save 20%
11.00 8.80

Express help against sudden inflammations

Pure Skin Clay Face Mask
Save 50%
11.00 5.50

Controls sebum production, thereby reducing the appearance of acne
An emollient complex soothes the skin
Mattifies the skin


Prevents acne, blackheads, tightens pores and promotes skin renewal

Gel for intimate hygiene "Cherry Blossom" Storie d'Amore
Save 16%
5.90 4.94

has a delicate hypoallergenic formula specially created for gentle hygiene of intimate areas


thoroughly cleanses teeth and freshens breath, giving a feeling of comfort and self-confidence.

Vitamin shower gel "Watermelon & Melon" Vitamania
Save 1%
3.10 3.08

will provide the skin with softness and smoothness, give it a sweet-fresh summer aroma, and you - a sea of positive emotions!

3.10 3.08

  • Delicately cleanses the skin, softens and moisturizes it.
Black tea in citrus with banana flavor
Save 40%
9.00 5.38

Our unique technology allows the tea leaves to be completely saturated with oils and acquire the bright and sunny taste of the tropics.

Relaxing Sleep Mist Dream Therapy
Save 7%
7.00 6.49

Relaxing Sleep Mist - for fast falling asleep, sweet dreams and vigorous awakening.

7.00 5.00

The apron "Tiger of the Year" from the collection of kitchen textiles will be a pleasant gift for yourself and your loved ones.

3.60 3.30

Allows you to align the edges of the dish and serve it neatly and beautifully

Nude Illusion Moisturizing Tint Cream Sand Beige
Save 1%
15.50 15.40

Nude Illusion Moisturizing Tint Cream will give you a moisturizing and protective effect thanks to the unique Korean encapsulated technology.