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Oriflame - For over 50 years, it has helped people around the world to discover their true beauty and make their dreams come true.
We offer high-quality, safe, trend-setting products for skin care, hair care, decorative cosmetics, and a wide range of perfumes. Norrsken by Oriflame is a combination of impeccable elegance and trendy trends.

Faberlic is a manufacturer of unique patented oxygen cosmetics that deliver oxygen to the deep layers of the skin. The assortment also includes the whole range of skin and hair care products, decorative cosmetics, household products, eco-friendly biological products, health products, lingerie and tights, fashionable clothes and footwear.



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Buy revitalizing face capsules
Save 33%
60.00 40.00

Deeply nourish, repair and protect tired and dull skin, restoring a healthy glow

30 capsules

Eau de Toilette Loved up Feel Good
Save 55%
26.45 11.88
Aroma type: floral, oriental, fruity, spicy Top notes: plum, cardamom, bergamot, pink pepper Heart notes: black pepper, rose, heliotrope, jasmine Base notes: sandalwood, musk, cedar 50 ml
Love Letter Hand Cream
Save 46%
9.30 5.00

Nourishing and moisturizing hand cream with raspberry, vanilla, citrus and musk scent.

Soap Love Letter
Save 61%
3.35 1.32

Raspberry, vanilla, citrus and musk aroma

Innocent White Lilac toilet water
Save 50%
36.05 18.00

The natural freshness of green leaves, powdery floral notes of white lilac and a woody velvet trail of heliotrope will suit a feminine and harmonious person.

50 ml

Eau de parfum Infinita
Save 51%
48.10 23.76

Aroma type: floral, fruity, woody;

Top notes: tangerine, pink pepper, kumquat;

Heart notes: jasmine grandiflorum, freesia, neroli;

Base notes: amber, cashmere wood, vanilla.

50 ml

Eau de parfum Amber Elixir Crystal
Save 59%
48.10 19.80

an oriental floral scent, where a unique marine accord, inspired by Baltic amber, smoothly turns into a delicate bouquet of nigella flowers and a refined trail of cane sugar

50 ml

Mister Giordani toilet water
Save 62%
42.00 15.80

The key ingredient in the fragrance is Vetiver Top, an innovative fresh note. Compared to traditional vetiver, it is brighter, more lively, modern and free. The composition is complemented by grapefruit, ginger, geranium and spicy pepper

75 ml.


Top notes: pear, tangerine, jasmine.

Heart notes: Celebratissima camellia, Essenza® orange blossom, Tahitian ylang-ylang.

Base notes: vanilla, ambroxan, musk.


50 ml

Women's Collection Delicate Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette
Save 44%
45.00 25.00

Move to a blooming garden! The top notes of sweet almonds smoothly open with a heart of delicate cherry petals, ending with a soothing trail of magnificent cedar.

50 ml

Little Garden Eau de Toilette
Save 33%
45.00 30.00

The composition begins with fresh notes of basil flower, neroli and apples.

Lily of the valley and jasmine petals in the heart of the fragrance are set off by a sensual accord of hawthorn, turning into a subtle trail of sandalwood, cedar and musk.
50 ml

Milk & Honey Gold shower cream
Save 33%
6.00 4.00

Moisturizing formula with organic milk and honey extracts gently cleanses and softens the skin.

Beautanicals Moisturizing Hand Cream
Save 54%
10.85 5.00

A rich hand cream that moisturizes and regenerates skin.

  • 95% consists of natural ingredients;
  • Contains 8 minerals useful for skin and hair: magnesium and copper make the skin elastic, zinc protects it from aging, and silicon dioxide heals;
  • Honeysuckle extract tones and moisturizes the skin;
  • Certified by the Vegan Society - which means it does not contain ingredients of animal origin;
  • Formulated without parabens and silicones;

50 ml

Optimals moisturizing mask
Save 45%
18.05 10.00

50 мл


instantly "refreshes" the look and reduces puffiness and dark circles

15 мл

Special emollient
Save 48%
9.65 5.00

An intensely moisturizing and nourishing balm for very dry skin of the face and body.

Moisturizing and hardened parts of the skin, making them soft and smooth. Protects and nourishes. Suitable for lips, hands, elbows and feet. 15 ml


The heart and inspiration of this fougere-water perfume is sea lavender. The scent awakens the taste for life, immersing in the atmosphere of the northern seaside, with its salty wind, sea and sand.

50 ml


Aroma type: oriental, floral.

Top notes: neroli, pink pepper, black currant.

Heart notes: passion flower, jasmine, peach blossom.

Base notes: musk, sandalwood, vanilla notes.

50 ml


The author of the composition is Alienor Massenet, who has created over a hundred fragrances for Tua, Armand Basi, Chloé, Chopard and other famous brands.

50 ml


A luxurious warm scent dedicated to red sea amber, with notes of sensual amber and a rare red lily accord. Deep, seductive and slightly exotic.

50 ml

Elvie Eau de Toilette
Save 29%
42.00 30.00

With notes of white flowers, white musk and lily of the valley.

50 ml

Fluid Cream
Save 39%
15.65 9.60

50 мл


An oriental woody scent with notes of black violet, orange and leather will help to emphasize the bold character.

50 мл

Be the Legend eau de toilette
Save 41%
42.05 25.00

75 мл

Moisturizing day cream for combination skin
Save 60%
30.00 12.00
Looking for a light texture day cream that provides all-day hydration? Then Optimals Hydra Radiance is made just for...
30.00 15.60

50 мл

Possess The Secret Eau de Parfum 01
Save 53%
55.30 26.00




Possess The Secret Man Eau de Parfum
Save 57%
60.10 26.00


ICE accord, sage, oak


75 ml

Многофункциональная водостойкая тушь для ресниц 5 в 1  01
Save 50%
16.85 8.40

waterproof mascara 5 in 1

Optimals Urban Guard 3D Protective Night Cream
Save 45%
32.45 18.00

50 мл

33.65 18.00

30 мл

30.05 15.60

100 мл

19.25 10.80

125 мл


Comprehensive anti-pigmentation care


50 мл

36.00 24.00

75 мл

245.00 125.00

Complex anti-aging care for age 50+ NovAge Time Restore

224.00 115.00

Complex lifting care after 40+

194.00 86.00

Comprehensive anti-wrinkle care after 30 years

163.00 80.00

complex facial skin care from the age of 20 +

78.00 54.99

4 х 7 ml

43.25 24.00

Παρατείνετε τη διάρκεια του κόμπακτ make-up σας με το κομψά σχεδιασμένο cushion foundation refill. Απολαύστε αδιάκοπα λαμπερή, φρέσκια, ματ κάλυψη που ρυθμίζει τη γυαλάδα, με ένα πρακτικό κόμακτ make-up. Εμπλουτισμένο με Υαλουρονικό Οξύ γα επιδερμίδα με πιο νεανική όψη. Σχεδιασμένο να μπαινοβγαίνει εύκολα.