Plan "Business" for online sales

This plan is suitable for any business.

You can start cooperation with MEGA MALL CYPRUS from this tariff plan, and later switch to another.

1. The "Business" tariff plan includes free of charge:

  • Creation of an online store with a web address: online store/ for example, the link of online store one seller MEGA MALL CYPRUS.
  • Filling the created online store with your product. To do this, you must give us a file in the Excel or CSV format, which will indicate: ID code of the product, name of the product, price of the product, quantity available for sale, link to the picture.
  • Connection of an online payment system for accepting payments through VISA, MASTERCARD and PAY PAL payment.
  • Delivery of the sold goods to the buyer using the MEGA MALL CYPRUS delivery service.
  • Vendor panel for online store management. In it you can add new products and change any products already created earlier, as well as remove products from the showcase.
  • Lifetime free support service for your online store.
  • Lifetime free hosting for your online store.
  • Lifetime free advertising on social media and the GOOGLE.

2. In this tariff plan, we take a commission only for the sold goods, in the amount of 10% calculated from the cost of the goods displayed in the window MEGA MALL CYPRUS
Example: the product is displayed in a shop window with a price of 10 EURO. After the goods are sold, MEGA MALL CYPRUS will transfer 9 EURO to your account.

3. There are no additional hidden fees later.