Skin care

26.40 14.30

A radiant, fruity-woody fragrance with fresh floral notes that exudes feminine energy.
Radiates an unforgettable aura
Inspired by the Swedish holiday in honor of the patroness of the world - Saint Lucia
Based on the Swedish field forget-me-not


The basis of the composition is decorated with lilac - the personification of purity and tranquility. Filled with light and charm, this fragrance creates an aura of harmony and tranquility.
Floral fruity green fragrance
Inspired by the Swedish holiday in honor of the patroness of the world - Saint Lucia
Bottle design featuring a shining morning star


The attractive note of Madagascar ylang-ylang is impossible to resist - this fragrance is just made for flirting!
Oriental floral fragrance
The key ingredient is an exotic flower from the ylang-ylang tree. Its sweet, feminine fragrance is the secret to the success of oriental beauties, helping to create a seductive atmosphere.


Bright and intriguing - warm floral notes of wild orchids remind you of sunny days, fill you with energy, and the whole world opens up before you!
Floral fruity green fragrance
The key accord is warm floral notes of wild orchid, reminiscent of sunny days and filling with energy.


Discover a world of tenderness: the airy notes of water lily, together with appetizing pear and light musk, create a delicate, slightly sweet and serene fragrance - like the reflections of the sun on the surface of a lake, slightly touched by a fresh breeze.
Calm yet uplifting scent
Light and playful top notes
Soft, warm water lily accord


Relaxing eau de toilette will help you feel the harmony and calm the mind.
Floral, woody, musky fragrance.
Notes of lavender and cedar are relaxing and soothing.

35.20 30.00

Attractive design - a bottle in the form of flickering flames.
Notes of black rose and jasmine, which blooms only at night, mingle with the sensuality of patchouli leaves.


NovAge Smoothing Face Mask with antioxidant plant stem cells that neutralize skin-damaging free radicals. An advanced moisturizing complex hydrates and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for youthful, smooth skin.

Cica NovAge ProCeuticals Niacinamide Biocellulose Face Mask
Save 33%
19.80 13.20

Are you suffering from dull skin that doesn't look healthy? NovAge Proceuticals Niacinamide & Cica Bio-Cellulose formulations are designed to provide immediate and long-term soothing benefits to the skin by addressing multiple factors such as hydration and skin barrier quality. Friendly to your skin, a biocellulose mask ensures the right amount of serum, optimal skin contact and optimal performance for maximum pleasure.
Instantly repairs and revitalizes skin
A concentrated nourishing facial mask
Concentrated mask instantly soothes the skin

Eye makeup remover for waterproof formulations ONE
Save 39%
9.90 6.05

Gentle, moisturizing eye makeup remover effortlessly removes waterproof and stubborn makeup


A one-step cleansing water that effectively removes impurities and makeup while moisturizing the skin


Cleanse and tone with soothing micellar water that removes make-up and impurities without drying out skin.
Oat extract soothes the skin
Super ingredient Goji Berry protects and moisturizes.
Dermatologically tested, alcohol and paraben free

BIOSEA Essentiel Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover
Save 33%
15.00 10.00

Bi-phase means allows you to gently and effectively remove even persistent makeup from the lips and eyes.

A safe and comfortable natural formula based on organic lavender and chamomile flower water leaves the skin clean and soft, without feeling greasy.

Oxygen Breath Absorbent Facial Toner Oxiology
Save 57%
9.00 3.85

Mattifies and tones the skin.
Narrows pores.
Removes excess fat.
Moisturizes the skin.

Micellar water Biomica
Save 65%
15.00 5.18

Contains natural prebiotic ACTIBIOME rich in amino acids and trace elements.
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.
95.8% natural ingredients in the composition.
Does not contain parabens, ethyl alcohol, SLS, soap, dyes. Hypoallergenic fragrance.

NovAge Intense Skin Recovery Overnight Mask
Save 9%
19.80 18.00

Revitalizing night mask with nourishing oils and hyaluronic acid intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, "erasing" signs of fatigue. In the morning, the skin looks rested and radiant.
Rested skin like after 8 hours of sleep*
Visibly reduces signs of fatigue after the first application
Overnight, the skin is deeply nourished and hydrated.

Mattifying gel for oily and problematic skin
Save 9%
26.40 24.00

Gel for an instant mattifying effect and reducing sebum production. Tightens pores and eliminates oily sheen.
Clinically proven to shrink pores & reduce sebum production
Controls shine and purifies skin
Improves skin texture and tone

Diamond Cellular Night Repair 40+
Save 9%
30.80 28.00

Brighter and more even complexion
Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
Improves skin cell renewal


Multifunctional emulsion to combat existing inflammations and prevent new ones. Reduces the activity of inflammation, cleanses pores, makes redness and acne marks less noticeable.
Reduces inflammation activity
Reduces inflammation scars

26.40 20.00

Love is many moments filled with tenderness, like a Grasse rose with many petals. Each such moment makes your love story unique, and each petal in the Volare Moments fragrance decorates it.
Floral, violet-pink fragrance
At the heart of the fragrance is the Grasse rose, which is also called the rose with a hundred petals. It symbolizes a romantic relationship, full of many warm and dear moments.
Unusual bottle in the shape of a rosebud


Delicate and sensual fragrance will reveal the aura of your femininity.
A modern interpretation of a classic floral fragrance with rose as the dominant note, a symbol of sophistication, sensuality and elegance.
The fragrance is enclosed in a unique bottle in the shape of a bud.

Hair Scrub-Shampoo with Charcoal and Organic Mint Love Nature
Save 38%
4.00 2.50

Exfoliating and cleansing scrub with charcoal and natural organic mint is a real gift for your hair and scalp.
Purifies hair and scalp, contains charcoal and organic mint
Biodegradable, silicone and paraben free
Contains natural exfoliating particles

Eau de Parfum Giordani Gold Essenza
Save 45%
55.00 30.00

The floral-woody composition of the fragrance is built around the Essenza® note, patented by Oriflame, based on the highest quality orange blossom essential oil.
Apply to pulse points: neck or wrists
Patented Essenza® Accord
Unique bottle design

Divine Perfumed Body Cream
Save 45%
12.00 6.60

The rich texture nourishes the skin, making it softer and smoother.
Absorbs quickly without leaving greasy marks.
Dermatologist tested.

So Fever Together Her Eau de Parfum
Save 52%
32.00 15.40

Type of fragrance: oriental, floral

Top notes: red currant sorbet, kumquat, pineapple

Heart notes: hot pimento pepper, jasmine, peach

Base notes: sandalwood, tonka bean, marshmallow

Swedish Spa Nourishing Body Butter
Save 51%
18.00 8.80

A luxurious, fragrant, hydrating body oil. Provides smooth skin and deep relaxation.
Leaves skin smoother and softer*
Gives a healthier look*
Intensely nourishes with coconut, shea, canola and sweet almond oils

Skin Nourishing Essence NovAge
Save 9%
22.00 20.00

The marine prebiotic formula tones and revitalizes the skin, leaving it fresh and smooth. Prepares for the application of serum and cream.
Cellular renewal improves
The volume, size and number of pores are reduced
Helps strengthen the epidermis

Diamond Cellular Micellar Cleanser
Save 55%
22.00 9.90

An all-in-one cleanser, toner and makeup remover designed to tone and smooth skin for a radiant complexion.
Micellar technology traps impurities while cleansing.
Diamond Elixir White Truffle improves the appearance of the skin and reduces wrinkles.
Diamond Elixir brightens the complexion and reduces the unevenness of its tone.


The nourishing formula with evening primrose oil cleanses the skin of impurities, makeup and sebum, leaving it fresh, soft and hydrated.
Instantly dissolves impurities and make-up, including waterproof
Nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin
Can be used on its own or paired with a cleansing gel

Women's perfume Divine EdP
Save 38%
40.00 25.00

Top notes: violet, bamboo, water hyacinth
Heart notes: lily and freesia bouquet, rose, jasmine
Base notes: plum, sandalwood, white musk

OnColour Glow Fluid Foundation
Save 9%
11.00 10.00

natural radiance with tinted fluid that hydrates and evens out skin tone. Use alone or mix with your foundation


Побалуй свои руки роскошной питательной маской, которая делает кожу рук и кутикулу мягкой и эластичной.

Click&Go Sculpting Mascara
Save 41%
17.05 10.00

Fiber brush for a styling effect.
Expressive volume.
Precise division.
Outrageous length.
Graceful curve.

Global Oxygen Oxygen Balm
Save 27%
24.20 17.60

Instantly hydrates and locks in moisture for 72 hours*.
Activates all biological processes in the skin.
Accelerates its self-renewal and starts detoxification.
Restores the protective barrier and eliminates discomfort.
Fills with life and protects from the negative effects of the environment.
Result: skin is firmer, softer and more radiant.

Face mask oxygen foaming Global Oxygen
Save 29%
15.40 11.00

Instantly eliminates signs of fatigue and oily sheen.
Mattifies the skin.
Saturates the skin with oxygen.
Provides deep cleansing.

Keep your little one's teeth safe with this toothbrush designed especially for kids! Effectively cleans teeth...
Dream Therapy aromatic toothpaste
Save 25%
5.83 4.40

Dream Therapy aromatic toothpaste with melatonin is ideal for evening care of teeth and oral cavity.

Prophylactic oxygen toothpaste "Cedar Gum"
Save 28%
3.63 2.63

With a triple action:

Caries protection. Freshness of breath. Gum care.

Prebiotic Oral Spray Gel
Save 31%
7.15 4.90

Gives long-lasting freshness to breath.
Provides hydration to mucous membranes.
The formula of the product contains the prebiotic inulin, which effectively contributes to the improvement of the oral microflora.

Oxygen prophylactic mouth rinse "Medicinal herbs"
Save 25%
5.28 3.95

has a firming, tonic and anti-inflammatory effect. Provides preventive protection against caries and freshens breath for a long time.

Giordani Gold Anti-Aging Makeup Elixir Base
Save 10%
20.00 18.00

Use to create a base for make-up or add radiance to the skin.

Long-lasting eyeliner. Different colours
Save 19%
8.80 7.14

Color palette - from classic black to trendy red-pink.
Felt applicator - for creating a perfect thin line without the slightest effort.

Stylo The ONE STHLM waterproof eyeliner
Save 50%
11.00 5.50

Incredible accuracy and impressive all-day duration.

Giordani Gold Iconic Double Ended Eyebrow Pencil
Save 48%
16.94 8.80

Triangular shaped stylus with creamy formula to shape brows and soft cushion applicator with mineral-rich powder texture

Eyebrow pencil OnColour
Save 6%
7.00 6.60

A long-wearing pencil with a comfortable, velvety formula

THE ONE High Impact Eyeliner
Save 13%
8.80 7.70

● Has an ultra-creamy texture

● Self-sharpening - just unscrew the rod

● Color does not fade

● Does not smudge

THE ONE Wonder Liner
Save 40%
11.00 6.60

- Waterproof formula;

- Persistence for 24 hours *;

- Intense black color;

OnColour Liquid Eyeliner
Save 45%
7.98 4.40

- Provides deep color and clear lines;

- Semi-flexible felt tip allows you to create lines of different thicknesses;

- Comfortable and easy to apply thanks to the sliding formula.

THE ONE Color Unlimited Ultra Fix Super Long Lasting Matte Lipstick
Save 7%
15.00 14.00

does not imprint and remains only on your lips

Губная помада с эффектом сияния The ONE Power Shine HD
Save 41%
15.00 8.80

сверкающие микрочастицы делают губы визуально объемнее, легкая скользящая текстура и ультраувлажняющая формула дарят комфорт на весь день.

The ONE Color Unlimited Long Lasting Eyeshadow Pencil
Save 4%
16.00 15.40

Provides 24 hours of wear without smudging, smudging or smudging

THE ONE Color Unlimited Long Lasting Eye Shadow Pencil
Save 55%
13.25 6.00

Creamy formula is easy to use and lasts all day

Lolly lips gloss
Save 57%
7.00 3.00

bright glossy finish, caring complex

OnColour Eyeshadow Palette
Save 48%
17.25 9.00

- Contains two matte powder brow shades and six shades of eyeshadow with a slight shimmer;

- Provides long-lasting rich color.

OnColour Eyeshadow Palette
Save 48%
17.25 9.00

- Contains two matte powder brow shades and six shades of eyeshadow with a slight shimmer;

- Provides long-lasting rich color.

Renewing face peeling NovAge
Save 32%
17.60 12.00

Peeling for gentle yet effective skin renewal. Visibly improves texture, smoothes wrinkles and gives the face a youthful, radiant look.

Clinically proven: cell regeneration is improved by 16% *;
Instantly improves complexion - 93% confirm **;
Gently exfoliates skin - 97% confirm **.

Too Glam Lip Gloss
Save 19%
8.80 7.15

Glossy gloss visually increases the volume of the lips.
Comfortable, non-sticky formula with vanilla caramel aroma.
The active ingredients are vitamin F and vitamin E.
The special applicator will help to apply the gloss perfectly evenly.
Can be used alone or over your favorite lipstick shades to add a shine to your lips.

Contour palette THE ONE
Save 55%
22.00 10.00

● Shades are easily layered and shaded;

● Suitable for long-lasting makeup;

● Smoothes the skin and makes imperfections less visible.

5.50 2.75

  • Moisturizes dry and rough skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
    Protects and nourishes.
    Suitable for lips, hands, elbows and feet.
Special emollient with blueberry oil
Save 50%
5.50 2.75

Moisturizes dry and rough skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Protects and nourishes. Suitable for lips, hands, elbows and feet.

11.00 9.90

Oriflame's first and only sulfate-free shampoo
Gentle hair cleansing
Caring ingredients prevent dry hair
Free of parabens and silicones
Lightweight, compact format

5.39 3.30

Quickly softens beard and facial skin for a 100% soft touch!
Effectively fights itching and flaking of the skin.

NEW Glam Chic Glam Team False Effect Mascara
Save 20%
11.00 8.80

Intense black color.
A special blend of waxes allows for layering of mascara for volume control and a false lash effect.
Maneuverable tilt brush for convenient application of mascara.
Smart texture * envelops every lash like black gloves that fit perfectly.

Makeup palette THE ONE
Save 21%
28.00 22.00

4 shades of eyeshadow, blush and highlighter with the most delicate powdery-creamy texture in a convenient case for an absolutely cosmic make-up. Shine!

Anti-stress serum
Save 15%
25.85 22.00

instantly removes signs of fatigue, restores a healthy complexion and leaves the skin glowing


A light fluid cream with organic tea tree essential oil and organic lime extract, gently moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily sheen, mattifies and regulates sebum production.

Love Nature Organic Tea Tree Lime Pore Tightening Facial Toner
Save 20%
11.00 8.80

Reduces breakouts due to salicylic acid in the composition;
Dermatologically tested;
Paraben free;
Has a floral citrus aroma;
Recommended for oily skin.

Special emollient with rose oil
Save 60%
5.50 2.20

Repairs, nourishes, moisturizes and protects dry skin of lips, eyelids, hands, elbows and feet

Love Nature Organic Berries Renewing Face Scrub
Save 47%
18.54 9.90

  • Cleanses the skin, removes dead cells
    Revitalizes the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant
    Contains natural berry extracts
    Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types
    Biodegradable formula

Products for skin and body care

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