Greenway. BioTrim Mystik Multi Purpose Cleansing Powder

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This powder will replace almost all chemicals in your home! just add water!

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BioTrim Mystik Universal Cleansing Powder is highly soluble in water. Effectively cleans dishes from scale, ideal for removing difficult stains from glass, crystal, porcelain, silverware. Returns the original shine without much difficulty. Has an antibacterial effect, removes odors. Does not scratch the surface. Safe for nature.

How does it work?

BioTrim Mystik cleaning powder contains two substances - highly refined and granular percarbonate and sodium carbonate. When interacting with water, these substances decompose into a large amount of active oxygen, soda and water. Oxygen molecules actively interact with contaminants, splitting and removing them from the surface. Baking soda increases the PH of the water and reduces the activity of calcium and magnesium ions, which leads to softening of the water and an increase in cleaning efficiency.

Where BioTrim Mystik Cleansing Powder is used:

Removing stubborn stains from tea, coffee, wine, blood and more.
Descaling cups and kettles.
Jewelry and silverware cleaning.
Washing kitchen surfaces.
Treatment of the inner space of refrigerators.
Processing of kitchen, cutting boards.
Washing of tiles in the bathroom.
Cleaning of carpets and upholstery.
Cleaning of animal cages and toilets.
Removing mold from tiles, seams, walls.
Processing of garden wood and plastic furniture.
Household cleaning.

What is the advantage of BioTrim Mystik powder solution?

Ideal for removing tough stains (including tea, coffee, wine) on all surfaces.
Brings back its original shine effortlessly.
It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects.
Effectively removes odors.
Does not scratch the surface.
Economical consumption of funds.


BioTrim Mystik universal cleansing powder has a safe composition and is harmless to humans and the environment.


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