BioTrim Mystik Universal Cleansing Paste

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Will help brilliant results in the kitchen and bathroom, great for tiles, stainless steel, porcelain. The components of the paste are completely biodegradable and non-toxic

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BioTrim Mystik Cleansing Paste is designed for a wide range of applications. Effectively removes stubborn stains including rust, plaque and grease from surfaces, glass, plastic, ceramics and porcelain. The cleansing paste gently polishes and gives a glossy finish. Unique formula of ingredients of natural origin. Does not contain toxic components and is completely biodegradable.

Where BioTrim Mystik Cleansing Paste:

Against burning and grease from dishes, stoves, grates.
Greasy and old stains on tiles, plastic, glass, porcelain will disappear.
The mirrors will shine to prevent fogging.
Lime deposits, including old ones, will come off the taps and tiles.

What is the advantage of BioTrim Mystik powder?

Ideal for tackling tough stains on all surfaces.
Restores pristine shine effortlessly.
It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects.
Effectively removes odors.
Does not scratch the surface.
Economical consumption of funds.


BioTrim Mystik Universal Cleansing Paste is safe and harmless to humans and the environment.


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