Lucy & Leo


The wooden Time Learning board can be used to learn time and clocks. It can show the concepts of minutes and hours and tell the time by looking at clock handles and wooden blocks.
The board features images of various time intervals and a friendly clock with bright time segments. The time blocks can be put into slots to represent a digital clock and different times of a day.
Parents can present this toy with some explanations and the child will soon be able to tell time by looking at real clocks and watches.


The Honeycomb sorter toy features colored honeycombs and seven cute little wooden bees of matching colors.
There are also handy bee-keeper's tools, which are used to pick a bee and put in a honeycomb of the corresponding color.
This game promotes analytical thinking, tool use, learning colors and development of dexterity.

"Day & Night" wooden toy set is specially designed to encourage development of young children while playing an interesting game. The set features a wooden base with 3 round pegs. Apart from the base there is an assortment of wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes. Each block is painted with eco-friendly paints and features images of forest animals - during the day on one side and during the night on the opposite side. The goal of the game is try different arrangements and fit all the blocks on pegs. The set is great for development of logic and motor skills.

The "Birds and Cats" mosaic game is a fantastic way for children to learn logic and colors while playing an engaging game.
The toy features a pleasant wooden board with slots, pegs and cartoon characters overlays. It also includes special cards witch present different puzzles and arrangements of the pegs - the goal is to put birds and cats in positions shown on the cards.
The game helps kids to develop logical thinking, learn new colors and use fine motor skills.
The toy is nice to touch and cute cartoon animals will keep the child interested and provide many hours of engaging playtime.

Board game "Find a Bird"

The Crocodile Balancing game is a quality entertainment and development toy.
It includes a nice, smooth wooden crocodile and an assortment of colorful wooden sticks.
The goal of the game is to put all the sticks in the "Jenga" game style on the back of the crocodile.
The game is fun and tricky, and it may take several tries before the tower of sticks can remain balanced, but it's a great way to teach children careful planning and fine motor skills and test their abilities in a simple and fun challenge.



Wooden cogs can be rotated, beads can move along the rails and there are other pieces that can be moved along the grooves or rotated. Kids can solve puzzles, catch little wooden fish and much more!
This multi-purpose toy engages a variety of vital skills and encourages exploratory gameplay, in which several players can participate and solve various puzzles together.
Design to capture child's attention and spark curiosity, this toy is decorated with color full images and has many interactive parts.



A wooden Space Adventure theme activity board is an exciting toy for young children that has various elements promoting learning and development through play. The space maze encourages spatial thinking and dexterity. The shapes of planets, gears and flying saucers are interactive and can me moved, pushed, pull and rotated to produce different kinds of movement and develop mechanical thinking. The included wooden hammer, cogs and space ship pieces can be used to take on the role of space engineer and explore space while employing skill and creativity.


Magnificent wooden set of 135 pieces. It will help children to spark an interest in math, get hold of basic counting skills and explore concept of "more" and "less". It can be used both pre-school and younger school age children. Wooden blocks have both the numbers and different objects painted on them, allowing to count different categories of items. Math operands are also featured, as well as dots and counting sticks - to make up the wholesome math exploration experience.

Lucy & Leo

Lucy&Leo is a TOP-5 European brand of wooden toys. Created by designers from Spain and France.

Every month we sell tens of thousands of toys both in Europe and in Russia. The trust of thousands of parents around the world is the best recognition of the quality of our toys! We have all the required European safety and quality certificates.

Lucy&Leo is the undisputed leader of the Russian wooden toy market — like LEGO among erector sets, only in the segment of wooden educational toys.