OnColour Glow Fluid Foundation
Save 9%
11.00 10.00

natural radiance with tinted fluid that hydrates and evens out skin tone. Use alone or mix with your foundation

Click&Go Sculpting Mascara
Save 41%
17.05 10.00

Fiber brush for a styling effect.
Expressive volume.
Precise division.
Outrageous length.
Graceful curve.

Global Oxygen Oxygen Balm
Save 27%
24.20 17.60

Instantly hydrates and locks in moisture for 72 hours*.
Activates all biological processes in the skin.
Accelerates its self-renewal and starts detoxification.
Restores the protective barrier and eliminates discomfort.
Fills with life and protects from the negative effects of the environment.
Result: skin is firmer, softer and more radiant.

Giordani Gold Anti-Aging Makeup Elixir Base
Save 10%
20.00 18.00

Use to create a base for make-up or add radiance to the skin.

Long-lasting eyeliner. Different colours
Save 19%
8.80 7.14

Color palette - from classic black to trendy red-pink.
Felt applicator - for creating a perfect thin line without the slightest effort.

Stylo The ONE STHLM waterproof eyeliner
Save 50%
11.00 5.50

Incredible accuracy and impressive all-day duration.

Giordani Gold Iconic Double Ended Eyebrow Pencil
Save 48%
16.94 8.80

Triangular shaped stylus with creamy formula to shape brows and soft cushion applicator with mineral-rich powder texture

Eyebrow pencil OnColour
Save 6%
7.00 6.60

A long-wearing pencil with a comfortable, velvety formula

THE ONE High Impact Eyeliner
Save 13%
8.80 7.70

● Has an ultra-creamy texture

● Self-sharpening - just unscrew the rod

● Color does not fade

● Does not smudge

THE ONE Wonder Liner
Save 40%
11.00 6.60

- Waterproof formula;

- Persistence for 24 hours *;

- Intense black color;

OnColour Liquid Eyeliner
Save 45%
7.98 4.40

- Provides deep color and clear lines;

- Semi-flexible felt tip allows you to create lines of different thicknesses;

- Comfortable and easy to apply thanks to the sliding formula.

THE ONE Color Unlimited Ultra Fix Super Long Lasting Matte Lipstick
Save 7%
15.00 14.00

does not imprint and remains only on your lips

Губная помада с эффектом сияния The ONE Power Shine HD
Save 41%
15.00 8.80

сверкающие микрочастицы делают губы визуально объемнее, легкая скользящая текстура и ультраувлажняющая формула дарят комфорт на весь день.

The ONE Color Unlimited Long Lasting Eyeshadow Pencil
Save 4%
16.00 15.40

Provides 24 hours of wear without smudging, smudging or smudging

THE ONE Color Unlimited Long Lasting Eye Shadow Pencil
Save 55%
13.25 6.00

Creamy formula is easy to use and lasts all day

Lolly lips gloss
Save 57%
7.00 3.00

bright glossy finish, caring complex

OnColour Eyeshadow Palette
Save 48%
17.25 9.00

- Contains two matte powder brow shades and six shades of eyeshadow with a slight shimmer;

- Provides long-lasting rich color.

OnColour Eyeshadow Palette
Save 48%
17.25 9.00

- Contains two matte powder brow shades and six shades of eyeshadow with a slight shimmer;

- Provides long-lasting rich color.

Too Glam Lip Gloss
Save 19%
8.80 7.15

Glossy gloss visually increases the volume of the lips.
Comfortable, non-sticky formula with vanilla caramel aroma.
The active ingredients are vitamin F and vitamin E.
The special applicator will help to apply the gloss perfectly evenly.
Can be used alone or over your favorite lipstick shades to add a shine to your lips.

Contour palette THE ONE
Save 55%
22.00 10.00

● Shades are easily layered and shaded;

● Suitable for long-lasting makeup;

● Smoothes the skin and makes imperfections less visible.

NEW Glam Chic Glam Team False Effect Mascara
Save 20%
11.00 8.80

Intense black color.
A special blend of waxes allows for layering of mascara for volume control and a false lash effect.
Maneuverable tilt brush for convenient application of mascara.
Smart texture * envelops every lash like black gloves that fit perfectly.

Makeup palette THE ONE
Save 21%
28.00 22.00

4 shades of eyeshadow, blush and highlighter with the most delicate powdery-creamy texture in a convenient case for an absolutely cosmic make-up. Shine!

33.55 27.50

A magical scattering of shining particles and an elegant trail of your favorite perfume

Direction of aroma: crystal, sparkling green-floral scent

Olfactory pyramid:

Top notes: sparkling bergamot, grapefruit, spring freshness accord. Heart notes: pearl peony, rose petals, gentiana, four-leaf clover, water lily Trail: white musk, sandalwood, white cedar

Basic notes: pearl peony, gentiana, four-leaf clover

Nude Illusion Moisturizing Tint Cream Sand Beige
Save 1%
15.50 15.40

Nude Illusion Moisturizing Tint Cream will give you a moisturizing and protective effect thanks to the unique Korean encapsulated technology.

Многофункциональная водостойкая тушь для ресниц 5 в 1  01
Save 61%
16.85 6.60

waterproof mascara 5 in 1

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