Stylo The ONE STHLM waterproof eyeliner
Save 20%
11.00 8.80

Incredible accuracy and impressive all-day duration.

Giordani Gold Iconic Double Ended Eyebrow Pencil
Save 16%
16.94 14.30

Triangular shaped stylus with creamy formula to shape brows and soft cushion applicator with mineral-rich powder texture

Eyebrow pencil OnColour
Save 6%
7.00 6.60

A long-wearing pencil with a comfortable, velvety formula

THE ONE High Impact Eyeliner
Save 13%
8.80 7.70

● Has an ultra-creamy texture

● Self-sharpening - just unscrew the rod

● Color does not fade

● Does not smudge

THE ONE Wonder Liner
Save 20%
11.00 8.80

- Waterproof formula;

- Persistence for 24 hours *;

- Intense black color;

OnColour Liquid Eyeliner
Save 17%
7.98 6.60

- Provides deep color and clear lines;

- Semi-flexible felt tip allows you to create lines of different thicknesses;

- Comfortable and easy to apply thanks to the sliding formula.

THE ONE Color Unlimited Ultra Fix Super Long Lasting Matte Lipstick
Save 12%
15.00 13.20

does not imprint and remains only on your lips

Губная помада с эффектом сияния The ONE Power Shine HD
Save 41%
15.00 8.80

сверкающие микрочастицы делают губы визуально объемнее, легкая скользящая текстура и ультраувлажняющая формула дарят комфорт на весь день.

The ONE Color Unlimited Long Lasting Eyeshadow Pencil
Save 4%
16.00 15.40

Provides 24 hours of wear without smudging, smudging or smudging

THE ONE Color Unlimited Long Lasting Eye Shadow Pencil
Save 17%
13.25 11.00

Creamy formula is easy to use and lasts all day

OnColour Eyeshadow Palette
Save 17%
17.25 14.30

- Contains two matte powder brow shades and six shades of eyeshadow with a slight shimmer;

- Provides long-lasting rich color.

OnColour Eyeshadow Palette
Save 17%
17.25 14.30

- Contains two matte powder brow shades and six shades of eyeshadow with a slight shimmer;

- Provides long-lasting rich color.

Renewing face peeling NovAge
Save 50%
17.60 8.80

Peeling for gentle yet effective skin renewal. Visibly improves texture, smoothes wrinkles and gives the face a youthful, radiant look.

Clinically proven: cell regeneration is improved by 16% *;
Instantly improves complexion - 93% confirm **;
Gently exfoliates skin - 97% confirm **.

Contour palette THE ONE
Save 10%
22.00 19.80

● Shades are easily layered and shaded;

● Suitable for long-lasting makeup;

● Smoothes the skin and makes imperfections less visible.

5.50 2.75

  • Moisturizes dry and rough skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
    Protects and nourishes.
    Suitable for lips, hands, elbows and feet.
Special emollient with blueberry oil
Save 69%
5.50 1.70

Moisturizes dry and rough skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Protects and nourishes. Suitable for lips, hands, elbows and feet.

11.00 6.05

Oriflame's first and only sulfate-free shampoo
Gentle hair cleansing
Caring ingredients prevent dry hair
Free of parabens and silicones
Lightweight, compact format

Makeup palette THE ONE
Save 14%
28.00 24.00

4 shades of eyeshadow, blush and highlighter with the most delicate powdery-creamy texture in a convenient case for an absolutely cosmic make-up. Shine!

Love Nature Organic Tea Tree Lime Mattifying Fluid Face Cream
Save 57%
7.70 3.30

A light fluid cream with organic tea tree essential oil and organic lime extract, gently moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily sheen, mattifies and regulates sebum production.

Love Nature Organic Tea Tree Lime Pore Tightening Facial Toner
Save 50%
11.00 5.50

Reduces breakouts due to salicylic acid in the composition;
Dermatologically tested;
Paraben free;
Has a floral citrus aroma;
Recommended for oily skin.

Special emollient with rose oil
Save 60%
5.50 2.20

Repairs, nourishes, moisturizes and protects dry skin of lips, eyelids, hands, elbows and feet

Love Nature Organic Berries Renewing Face Scrub
Save 47%
18.54 9.90

  • Cleanses the skin, removes dead cells
    Revitalizes the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant
    Contains natural berry extracts
    Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types
    Biodegradable formula
8.00 6.60

intensely moisturizes the skin and protects against dryness, gives hands and nails a well-groomed look

Eclat Homme Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray
Save 60%
15.00 6.05

Provides effective protection against unpleasant odors and controls perspiration. • Gives the skin an exquisite aroma of Eclat Homme eau de toilette

Flamboyant toilet water
Save 58%
42.00 17.60
Out of stock

Juicy citrus will show the way to the road of discovery, spicy shades will ignite sparks of pleasure, and a cedar-musky trail will make you come back again and again.

75 ml

Eclat Homme toilet water
Save 66%
42.05 14.30
Out of stock

with an accord of citron and expensive leather

75 ml

Buy revitalizing face capsules
Save 45%
60.00 33.00

Deeply nourish, repair and protect tired and dull skin, restoring a healthy glow

30 capsules

Eau de Toilette Loved up Feel Good
Save 25%
26.45 19.80
Aroma type: floral, oriental, fruity, spicy Top notes: plum, cardamom, bergamot, pink pepper Heart notes: black pepper, rose, heliotrope, jasmine Base notes: sandalwood, musk, cedar 50 ml
Innocent White Lilac toilet water
Save 33%
36.05 24.20

The natural freshness of green leaves, powdery floral notes of white lilac and a woody velvet trail of heliotrope will suit a feminine and harmonious person.

50 ml

Eau de parfum Infinita
Save 29%
48.10 34.10

Aroma type: floral, fruity, woody;

Top notes: tangerine, pink pepper, kumquat;

Heart notes: jasmine grandiflorum, freesia, neroli;

Base notes: amber, cashmere wood, vanilla.

50 ml

Eau de parfum Amber Elixir Crystal
Save 61%
42.00 16.50

an oriental floral scent, where a unique marine accord, inspired by Baltic amber, smoothly turns into a delicate bouquet of nigella flowers and a refined trail of cane sugar

50 ml

Mister Giordani toilet water
Save 19%
42.00 34.10

The key ingredient in the fragrance is Vetiver Top, an innovative fresh note. Compared to traditional vetiver, it is brighter, more lively, modern and free. The composition is complemented by grapefruit, ginger, geranium and spicy pepper

75 ml.

Giordani Gold Essenza Blossom perfume
Save 24%
69.70 52.80

Top notes: pear, tangerine, jasmine.

Heart notes: Celebratissima camellia, Essenza® orange blossom, Tahitian ylang-ylang.

Base notes: vanilla, ambroxan, musk.


50 ml

Women's Collection Delicate Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette
Save 67%
45.00 15.00

Move to a blooming garden! The top notes of sweet almonds smoothly open with a heart of delicate cherry petals, ending with a soothing trail of magnificent cedar.

50 ml

Little Garden Eau de Toilette
Save 73%
45.00 12.00

The composition begins with fresh notes of basil flower, neroli and apples.

Lily of the valley and jasmine petals in the heart of the fragrance are set off by a sensual accord of hawthorn, turning into a subtle trail of sandalwood, cedar and musk.
50 ml

Milk & Honey Gold shower cream
Save 1%
7.80 7.70

Moisturizing formula with organic milk and honey extracts gently cleanses and softens the skin.

Beautanicals Moisturizing Hand Cream
Save 59%
10.85 4.40

A rich hand cream that moisturizes and regenerates skin.

  • 95% consists of natural ingredients;
  • Contains 8 minerals useful for skin and hair: magnesium and copper make the skin elastic, zinc protects it from aging, and silicon dioxide heals;
  • Honeysuckle extract tones and moisturizes the skin;
  • Certified by the Vegan Society - which means it does not contain ingredients of animal origin;
  • Formulated without parabens and silicones;

50 ml

Optimals moisturizing mask
Save 73%
20.00 5.50

50 мл

Optimals Hydra Moisturizer
Save 43%
19.25 11.00

instantly "refreshes" the look and reduces puffiness and dark circles

15 мл

Special emollient
Save 77%
9.65 2.20

An intensely moisturizing and nourishing balm for very dry skin of the face and body.

Moisturizing and hardened parts of the skin, making them soft and smooth. Protects and nourishes. Suitable for lips, hands, elbows and feet. 15 ml

Eau de Parfum Magnetista
Save 34%
68.00 45.00

Aroma type: oriental, floral.

Top notes: neroli, pink pepper, black currant.

Heart notes: passion flower, jasmine, peach blossom.

Base notes: musk, sandalwood, vanilla notes.

50 ml

Eau de parfum Amber Elixir Mystery 01
Save 44%
68.00 38.00

A luxurious warm scent dedicated to red sea amber, with notes of sensual amber and a rare red lily accord. Deep, seductive and slightly exotic.

50 ml

Elvie Eau de Toilette
Save 37%
42.00 26.40

With notes of white flowers, white musk and lily of the valley.

50 ml

Fluid Cream
Save 44%
15.65 8.80

50 мл

On the Edge eau de toilette
Save 17%
31.75 26.40

An oriental woody scent with notes of black violet, orange and leather will help to emphasize the bold character.

50 мл

Be the Legend eau de toilette
Save 37%
42.05 26.40

75 мл

Moisturizing day cream for combination skin
Save 85%
30.00 4.40
Looking for a light texture day cream that provides all-day hydration? Then Optimals Hydra Radiance is made just for...
40.00 14.30

50 мл

Possess The Secret Eau de Parfum 01
Save 30%
55.30 38.50




Possess The Secret Man Eau de Parfum
Save 36%
60.10 38.50


ICE accord, sage, oak


75 ml

Многофункциональная водостойкая тушь для ресниц 5 в 1  01
Save 53%
16.85 8.00

waterproof mascara 5 in 1

Optimals Urban Guard 3D Protective Night Cream
Save 39%
32.45 19.80

50 мл

19.25 14.30

125 мл

55.00 48.40

50 мл

55.00 48.40

50 мл

36.00 15.40

75 мл

245.00 143.00

Complex anti-aging care for age 50+ NovAge Time Restore

50.00 41.80

50 мл

224.00 126.50

Complex lifting care after 40+

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