Coffee house in Limassol "Coffeebon"

We deliver 100% coffee to your door

Coffeebon Limassol

Time to have a cup of coffee or tea.
Does your morning start with coffee too?
Do you think this is a habit or a way of life?

Every morning we start for you, we start it together with you!
We know by heart the tastes and preferences of our constant connoisseurs of coffee and tea.
And with each new day we try to become better for you, thanks to you.
From Monday to Saturday we will meet there, Coffeebon is waiting for you!

The best varieties of real coffee in Cyprus:

  • for mothers with children sleeping, and, finally, they have time on their own,
  • for those who are at work, these are moments of relaxation and the thought that they are resting at home,
  • for people who are on a business trip, this is a pause in a day full of meetings.
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Opening hours of a coffee shop in Limassol:
Monday - Saturday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday closed.

Place: 34.676633551913724 33.045978478199274


The best coffee with the best barista
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