Limassol - the financial center of Cyprus and the main city of Russian emigrants

Almost the entire coast of the city is covered with gray sand, in places with small pebbles. Along the entire coastline, there are many beaches with restaurants on the shore and cafes.
The city is famous for its cultural life, various festivals, spring carnival, concerts (including in Russian), various business conferences and IT events are held.

Cyprus receives international flights at two airports: Larnaca and Paphos. You can get to the city of Limassol from these airports by either a regular bus or a taxi.
Travel time from Larnaca and Paphos airports is almost the same and is: by car ≈ 45 minutes, by bus ≈ 60 minutes.

Limassol Sea Front

What to visit:

Limassol Marina

The main attraction of the modern city is undoubtedly the new marina located in the old part of Limassol. This is the harbor where private yachts dock. The marina is full of vibrant life, many restaurants and boutiques, a beautiful fountain and a square where various cultural events take place.
The territory of the new marina is especially impressive in the evening, illuminating everything around with colorful lights, creating an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. It is beautiful here at any time of the year.

Limassol New Marina

Old port

Founded in 1956 when the island was ruled by the governor of Britain. Initially, the port was intended for anchorage and unloading of fishing vessels and coast guard boats.
Since 2010, the old port of Limassol has been reconstructed. Many cafes and restaurants were built on the port territory, an area for cultural events appeared, offices for the sale and rental of yachts began to work.
Be sure to stroll through these places and taste the Mediterranean cuisine in the port restaurants, true delight and great mood, you will be assured.

Limassol Old Port

Molos Park

The most beautiful and comfortable embankment in Limassol is more than 1 kilometer long.
From 2010 to 2014, the embankment was completely rebuilt: many trees and palms were planted, cafes and restaurants were equipped, decorative wooden bridges overhanging the sea were erected, there is a small amphitheater where various concerts are held and many paths for walking among the trees.
The main park of the city is a favorite place for locals to relax with children in numerous playgrounds. Outdoor simulators have been built for sports enthusiasts.
On the waterfront, in specialized kiosks, you can buy ice cream, cotton candy for children, charcoal corn and freshly squeezed juice.
Be sure to take a stroll along the seaside along the Molos promenade, it's worth it.

Park Molos limassol


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